Building and home improvement materials

Basic construction materials

  • Cement, sand, picadis, etc.
  • Bricks, concrete blocks, etc.
  • Masonry tools

Construction systems for ceramic floor and wall tiles

  • Profiles for the perfect finishing of ceramic floor tiles, corners and corner pieces
  • Profiles for stair treads and movement joints, waterproofing, drainage and drainage systems
  • De-coupling foils, impact sound insulation
  • Balcony and terrace flashing profiles, floating flooring construction
  • Supports for ceramic tile installation, technical profiles for illumination


With innovative ideas and quality products, Schlüter-Systems is a leader in the segment of ceramic-related building systems.


It works with its own range of products; offering a unique product, oriented to the needs of professionals; always starting from first quality materials and the best design, to offer effective solutions in their daily work.


Thanks to their characteristics and versatile elegance, Profilpas solutions can be used in much more than residential construction.

Service, innovation and design, but also constant attention to detail from the very choice of raw materials used.


Products that bring advanced and environmentally friendly solutions to construction, to build a healthy and sustainable architecture.

Guru Style

Consolidated family company in the construction sector, with an impeccable track record in the market and a great business strength, which has grown with the manufacture and marketing of products for waterproofing.


ACO is the world leader in drainage technology. It analyzes the market through the eyes of its customers,creates solutions for tomorrow’s environmental conditions and has a passion for innovation.

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Products and solutions for repair

  • Mortar additives, fixings / fillers, injections, coatings, mortars, gluing
  • Structural bonding, protection, rehabilitation, joint sealing
  • Cement and concrete technology


More than twenty-five years of experience and dedication in the sector allow us to offer a wide range of products of exceptional and recognized quality, the result of a careful study of their components and qualities.

Products with an excellent quality-price ratio.


Research and development activities are paramount.

Its innovation and continuous control over raw materials make it possible to ensure high quality eco-sustainable products.

The company’s efforts in terms of quality and respect for the environment and safety have been certified.


Sika is a specialty chemicals company, a leader in the development and production of bonding, insulation, reinforcement and protection systems for the building and motor vehicle industry.

Commitment to innovation and development of new products and constant adaptation of existing ones, improving their performance and simplifying their implementation.


Quality in construction is what makes the difference: that is why Mapei is a world leader in the production of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for the construction sector.

From foundations to roofing, they offer a comprehensive range of construction products.