Inalco MDi

Inalco MDi

Inalco MDi

Inalco MDi, one of the best brands of floor and wall tiles on the market, available at Gomila Cerámica.

Inalco is a brand that has stood out for its strong commitment to sustainability and innovation in the ceramics industry. Throughout its history, it has invested considerable resources in initiatives that seek to minimize the impact of its activity on the environment.

This commitment is reflected in its production process, which is carried out under rigorous standards of sustainability, recycling and energy efficiency. Inalco not only offers high quality ceramic products, but also actively promotes environmentally friendly practices.

MDi Technology: Minerals, Design and Innovation


Inalco has revolutionized architecture and interior design with its MDi technology, which represents a stealthy combination of minerals, design and innovation.

This innovative production process has been specifically designed to produce high quality ceramic surfaces that stand out for their exclusivity and customization.

What makes MDi technology unique is its ability to create exceptional surfaces that are individually tailored to each project. In this process, minerals are precisely selected and combined to achieve total aesthetic continuity.

In addition, this production process has been developed with a constant focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. Inalco prides itself on its commitment to sustainable innovation and its contribution to architecture and interior design.

Inalco’s History of Innovation


Inalco’s history of innovation is impressive. In 2004, iPLUS was born and, shortly thereafter, the large formats were introduced. One of the first formats in this evolutionary process was the 80x80cm, which over time has been transformed into the current 160x320cm plates.

Then, in 2009, iSLIMM was introduced, a thin, resilient screed thickness that not only makes it easier to install, but also contributes to energy and fuel savings.

Inalco continued to work on large formats and technology fusion to create iTOP in 2014. This innovation includes plates with thicknesses of 4, 6, 12 and 20mm, allowing for more complex and ambitious designs with greater creative freedom.

Subsequently, the Full Digital technology, which employs digital injection systems throughout the production process. This absolute control of the digital decoration processes enabled Inalco to create unique surfaces with a and realism, which made them the most natural and realistic first company worldwide to implement a fully digital process.

In 2018, H2O Full Digital technology was introduced, which uses water-based inks. This innovation made it possible to obtain surfaces with extraordinary definition while becoming the most sustainable product in its category.

The revolution continued in 2019 with the arrival of MDi.

This technology is based on new and pure minerals, with a focus on design from the inside out for a more natural and powerful aesthetic. MDi (Minerals, Design, Innovation) surfaces represented a true revolution in the worlds of architecture and interior design. The ability to meticulously combine and select every single mineral in an innovative and unique production process allows Inalco to offer exceptional surfaces with full 360-degree aesthetic continuity.


Inalco collections with MDi

Inalco offers a wide range of collections that stand out for their timelessness and uniqueness. Each of these collections has been carefully designed to provide exceptional options for architects, interior designers and individuals seeking inspiration and quality.

Here are some of the collections chosen by our designers and architects.

Petra Collection

Inspired by natural limestone formations, this collection conveys the beauty and warmth of the random and genuine. The whimsical distribution of the veins and reliefs, together with its large format, gives the spaces charm and authenticity.

Petra collection by Inalco MDI, for kitchens
Petra collection by Inalco MDI, in bathrooms
Inalco MDI Petra collection for bathrooms

Pacific Collection

This collection is inspired by the stone eroded by the action of seawater, reflecting the movement and serenity of the ocean on its surface. Thanks to a subtle gradation of veins, Pacific adds a touch of freshness to any environment.

Inalco Pacific Collection, dark gray, lounges, lounges
Pacific Collection by Inalco, living rooms
Inalco Pacific Collection, bathroom

Ananda Collection

The Ananda collection features a DT (Digital Texture) finish and is inspired by the passing of time. It represents a sandstone inspired by the light and tones of the desert. Its texture represents a new sandy relief, soft and with personality. Ananda is characterized by calm, fluidity, delicacy and elegance, which makes it a new concept of simplicity.

Inalco's Ananda collection
Petra collection by Inalco MDI, in bathrooms
Inalco's Ananda collection

Atalaia Collection

Atalaia takes simplicity to sublime new heights with its luminous uniform color and exquisite microtextures. Atalaia’s graphic design is carefully intertwined with its reliefs, which reinforces its personality and elegance. The Atalaia finish guarantees purity, simplicity and sophistication in any space.

Inalco Atalaia Collection
Inalco Atalaia Collection
Inalco Atalaia Collection

Lyra Collection

Lyra is a series that stands out for its ability to give a space character and personality. This collection has been designed with excellent DT (Digital Texture) and Honed Polished finishes that integrate shimmering microdots in their structure, creating a unique effect. All in all, Lyra is a series that adds a touch of distinction to any environment.

Inalco MDi Lyra Collection
Inalco MDi Lyra Collection
Inalco MDi Lyra Collection

Inalco is much more than a ceramic supplier. Their commitment to sustainable innovation, quality and creativity makes them an outstanding choice for architecture, fashion, furniture and interior design projects.

The combination of leading-edge technologies and a focus on sustainability places Inalco at the forefront of the ceramics industry.

If you are looking for exceptional ceramic products with an unwavering commitment to quality and the environment, Inalco is the ideal choice.

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