Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

In Gomila Cerámica we always look for the highest quality together with the perfect design. That’s why we rely on Joenfa and Skyline Design to provide our customers with sturdy, stylish and functional outdoor furniture.

These two suppliers share our passion for quality, design and sustainability.

Joenfa: Nature in every detail

Joenfa, since its foundation in 1991, has been in tune with nature. They design high quality furniture that stands out for its exclusive and timeless aesthetics, incorporating wood and natural fibers in unique designs. They share our commitment to authenticity, personality and character in each of their products.

Its collections, such as NatureLovers, are inspired by nature and boho chic style, highlighting the use of hardwoods and natural fibers such as bamboo and rattan.

At Gomila Cerámica, we admire their eco-friendly approach, using reclaimed wood and sustainable materials to reduce their environmental impact. Joenfa’s commitment to both interior and exterior decoration aligns perfectly with our desire to beautify all aspects of a home.

Skyline Design: Luxury and comfort in the open air

Skyline Design is recognized for its impressive daybeds that adorn spaces in major hotel chains around the world. These pieces offer a sophisticated design and luxurious feel, which are essential to any guest’s experience.

Skyline Design products are made of high quality materials, including synthetic fibers, solid aluminum and waterproof upholstery, all environmentally safe and 100% recyclable. They fit perfectly with our vision of quality and sustainability.

The Mediterranean Calm Collection by Skyline Design

The Mediterranean Calm collection is a manifestation of elegance and tranquility. Inspired by the warm atmosphere of the Mediterranean, its minimalist pieces made with natural materials such as wood, wicker and iron, bring balance and calm to any space, reminding us of the waves of the Mediterranean and the serene calm of the islands.

Skyline Design, Mediterranean Calm collection, daybeds
Skyline Design, Mediterranean Calm collection, chairs
Skyline Design, Mediterranean Calm collection, armchairs
Skyline Design, Mediterranean Calm collection
Skyline Design, Mediterranean Calm collection, daybeds
Skyline Design, Mediterranean Calm collection

In short, both Joenfa and Skyline Design are exceptional suppliers who share our values of quality, design and sustainability. We are proud to work with them because together we create unique spaces, full of beauty and harmony.

If you want to explore the products of these collections and find those that best fit your dream space, do not hesitate to contact us or visit us at our facilities.

We are at your disposal to accompany you in this creative process.

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