The best brands of floor and wall coverings can be found in Gomila.


Rosa Gres is a family company with more than 180 years of history, projects in more than 70 countries and a team of more than 100 professionals.


Leading company in the porcelain stoneware sector with more than 50 years of tradition, offers Italian excellence in the supply of ceramic tiles.

Atlas Concorde

A history of environments in which sobriety and character, maximalism and minimalism are combined in a new concept of a strong and at the same time delicate environment, just like the people who live there.


Wow is a design studio, specialized in the development of ceramic projects.

We are always on the lookout for color trends and innovation, to surprise with new finishes and ceramic effects.


Precise and reliable solutions, in line with the latest trends in interior design and furnishing, but destined to last over time. Ragno offers a complete and specialized range of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles for interiors and exteriors.


Kronos Ceramiche presents a selection of cements, stones and ceramic woods in porcelain stoneware specifically dedicated to exteriors. They are floors with a thickness of 2 cm and special pieces designed to guarantee practicality, resistance and high aesthetic performance.


The use of the latest technologies and the demanding controls throughout the production process allow Apavisa to offer a porcelain stoneware with excellent technical performance, making it a multifunctional, high quality, non-absorbent and easy to maintain covering.


A long tradition in the production of porcelain stoneware tiles is renewed through research and experimentation of new styles for contemporary living.


A product with a passionate and emotional atmosphere expressed through a distinctively refined neoclassical touch. This is LaFaenza: a perfect compendium of style, beauty and meticulous workmanship.

Coem Ceramics

Inspired by nature to create a porcelain stoneware capable of reflecting its natural beauty.

Italian ceramics, quality combined with passion and determination and the protection of the environment in which we live are its distinctive values.


This marble effect material allows light to cross its surface before being reflected. That’s why it has such a special glow: it doesn’t just show a few shades of gray.

Emil Group

Evolution and reliability according to the Italian ceramic tradition.

It devotes the utmost attention to the entire production process: from the selection of the best materials to the design of the collections in order to satisfy its most demanding customers.


Cerámicas Mayor

More than 50 years manufacturing high quality, guaranteed resistance and anti-slip floor and wall coverings.


Synonymous with resistance and beauty. It is ideal for creating exceptional environments in commercial, technical, public and residential buildings.


A long tradition in the production of porcelain stoneware tiles is renewed through research and experimentation of new styles for contemporary living.

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