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Long tradition in the production of floorings and special parts
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Cerámica Mayor, a company with a rich tradition in the manufacture of extruded material, has distinguished itself as a leader in the production of flooring and special pieces.

Founded in the last century, they have maintained over time the values, beliefs and customs that gave rise to it, transmitting them from generation to generation. This includes a commitment to apply these traditions to each and every form of expression of the company.

Cerámica Mayor is a family business that treasures the knowledge of three generations.

Sustainability and respect for the natural and environmental surroundings are fundamental elements in its industrial process. Cerámica Mayor’s pavement is composed of 50% recycled material.

In addition, 100% of the waste generated is recovered and 100% of the water used in the process is reincorporated, ensuring zero discharge. Each step in the production chain is designed to facilitate the recycling of materials.

Cerámica Mayor is presented as a firm commitment to meet the new challenges posed by the market in terms of sustainable architecture. The construction of the future must focus on respecting the natural environment and improving the quality of life. The company is tirelessly dedicated to the search for new applications and the study of materials, which, combined with the spirit of its team, makes it highly qualified to respond to the needs of the bioclimatic architecture of the future.

We highlight four collections of Major Ceramics.

The Bali collection is inspired by Indonesian volcanic stone, whose properties make it perfect for outdoor spaces. The combination of natural elements and a special treatment technology produces unique colors, and its non-slip finish guarantees a safe environment, perfect for enhancing the area around your pool.

The Stromboli collection is natural modernity.

The design of Stromboli stone is modern and smooth, ideal for terraces with defined architectural lines. Its neutral tones and smooth texture, inspired by natural stone, make the Stromboli series extremely versatile and suitable for a variety of environments. It creates a serene and luminous environment that will help you disconnect.

The Salem collection by Cerámica Mayor stands out for its solid composition and appearance, typical characteristics of natural stone. It also incorporates the advantages of porcelain stoneware. Manufactured with high quality materials, this collection is designed for projects with personality that seek to generate a sophisticated atmosphere.

Crosscut is elegance and warmth.

Crosscut is inspired by Travertine, a stone with a surface characterized by small cavities and a great graphic richness, making it perfect for any type of space. Its deep design gives it a realistic appearance and a solid and balanced finish, while remaining soft and delicate.

In addition, the variety of formats, steps and pool pieces offers the opportunity to maintain a consistent aesthetic in both outdoor and indoor spaces.

At Gomila Cerámica, we are proud to work with Cerámica Mayor because of their commitment to sustainability and quality in the manufacture of ceramic products. We are confident that their collections will bring beauty and durability to your interior design and architectural projects.

We are here to help you find the perfect choice for your project and bring beauty and ethics to your spaces.

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