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Porcelain stoneware for swimming pools and unique terraces
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In Gomila Cerámica we always look for excellence in the ceramic floor and wall tiles we offer to our customers.

As a leading materials supplier, our mission is to provide architects, interior designers and individuals with inspiration and innovative options to bring their projects to life.

That’s why we carefully choose suppliers like RosaGres.


RosaGres has demonstrated time and again its commitment to quality, innovation and creativity.

Their products are a testament to the dedication they put into every design and manufacture.


We would like to highlight one of our favorite and most requested RosaGres collections: “i’mperfect”.

I’mperfect is the latest from Rosa Gres. I’mperfect is unabashedly realistic, and its technological perfection is combined with an innovative approach that breaks with traditional conventions.

This line represents everything we value at Gomila Cerámica: boldness, authenticity and quality.

The collection redefines the notion of color and beauty in ceramics, transforming the space into something spectacular and completely unique.

What really fascinates us about the “i’mperfect” technology is its ability to create unique designs through diversity.

To bring these designs to life, Rosa Gres relies on the Mistery collection of porcelain stoneware with a very realistic stone look made with i’mperfect technology. This collection is perfect for rural or urban environments.

Each color in this collection is composed of a set of completely different pieces, each with amazing realism. This unique feature allows designers and architects to deploy their creativity to the fullest and achieve truly unique and customized results.

In this collection we find four outstanding colors.

Mistery Blue Stone is perfect for terraces due to its resistance and excellent non-slipfinish . The variety of special pieces of the same color allows to achieve the aesthetic coordination of the entire exterior of the house.

Mistery Grey, on the other hand, turns out to be the ideal choice to integrate naturally into the environment. Its high quality guarantees maximum functionality with minimum effort.

The elegant stone look and the variety of solutions of Mistery White allow to cover each of the multiple constructive details of a project due to its versatility and adaptation to interiors and exteriors, as we achieve thanks to the earth effect of Mistery Sand.

Another of our favorite Rosa Gres collections is Trésor. A series that will take you on a journey around the world in search of treasures for your design projects. With Trésor, you will discover the new and captivating colors of Rosa Gres that we will explore together through fascinating landscapes and cultures.

In this first expedition, we invite you to explore the legendary islands of Indonesia, where we have found the first two colors of the Trésor collection.

Trésor Bali is inspired by the green stones of Sukabumi. When combined with water, its texture reveals a real treasure: the color of the most desired water, an infinitely refreshing bright turquoise shade.

Trésor Java takes us to the volcanic lands of Mount Bromo and its ancient temples. Trésor Java is a dark shade that brings calm and a serene, pure elegance.

When we combine Trésor Bali with Trésor Java, delicious Asian-style designs with an exotic touch emerge.

These first two Trésor colors open the door to a unique world of personal combinations and look amazing in combination with ceramic woods and very light tones.

In the catalog we show you some combinations and ideas to immerse yourself in this exciting journey together with Rosa Gres and Gomila Cerámica.

At Gomila Cerámica, we share a passion for exceptional design and superior quality, which is why we have chosen Rosa Gres as one of our main suppliers. Their commitment to innovation and beauty aligns perfectly with our mission to offer our customers the best options in ceramic floor and wall tiles.

We are sure that by exploring the Mistery, Trésor or any other Rosa Gres collection you will find the inspiration you need to make your most daring and creative projects a reality.

At Gomila Cerámica, we are always at your disposal to advise you and provide you with the most exceptional materials.

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