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At Gomila Cerámica, we are proud to collaborate with the best suppliers of ceramic floor and wall tiles in the world.

One of our featured partners is Monocibec, a company that has been at the forefront of porcelain stoneware innovation for over 60 years.

Monocibec is synonymous with strength and beauty, and has become an ideal partner for architects, interior designers, decorators and end users seeking to create exceptional environments in commercial, technical, public and residential buildings.

Our close relationship with Monocibec is based on a deep appreciation for their commitment to quality and aesthetics. We would like to highlight two of their most notable collections that have become our favorites:

The first of these is Woodtime. This collection is a tribute to the beauty of wood, with a surface realism that masterfully interprets the irregular grain characteristic of wood.

Woodtime offers a palette of five warm, enveloping shades that add character to spaces with a contemporary and sophisticated touch.

At Monocibec, Woodtime ceramics turns reclaimed wood into a unique and versatile piece of furniture. This collection is characterized by its functionality and materiality, making it suitable for both residential and commercial environments with a vintage touch.

Each piece is different from the others, but their combination achieves a perfect balance. Manufactured in porcelain stoneware in the large sizes 30×120 and 20×120 with 9 mm thickness and double natural and non-slip finish, it guarantees an aesthetic continuity in interiors and exteriors, satisfying any design requirement.

Fir White, Larch, Iroko, Caprino and Castagno colors allow the creation of contemporary and classic style environments.

The Pietra Castello collection collection evokes historic European architecture, grand buildings and refined mansions that have always stood out for their impressive floors.

In this Monocibec collection, porcelain stoneware ceramics allow stone to take center stage, bringing style and refinement not only to classic settings, but also to contemporary ones.

Pietra Castello achieves a perfect balance between past and present, and becomes a harmony of contrasts accentuated by the Miramare, Bard, Torrechiara, Burgos and Fenis shades, available in multiple formats (with natural and anti-slip finish) designed to create original compositions both indoors and outdoors.

If you would like to learn more about these fascinating Monocibec collections and discover how they can enrich your design projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help you find the perfect choice for your project and bring beauty and ethics to your spaces.

Write to us, call us at 971 732 343 or visit our facilities so that we can advise you and accompany you in your choice.