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Coem Ceramiche has consistently demonstrated a deep passion for craftsmanship, design and cutting-edge ceramic solutions .

As an industry leader, Coem Ceramiche aligns perfectly with our mission to provide architects, interior designers and homeowners with inspiration and exceptional materials for their projects.

We highlight two of our favorite Coem Ceramiche collections: Modica and Lagos.

These collections embody the values we value at Gomila Cerámica: the unwavering pursuit of excellence, authenticity in craftsmanship and quality that exceeds expectations.

Coem Ceramiche’s Modica collection is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, with its clean lines and timeless aesthetics.

This collection pays homage to Modica stone, a type of limestone extracted from the Iblei mountains in Sicily, which takes its name from the town of the same name. Its predominant colors are naturally light, gradually transitioning from white with gray shades to warmer shades of beige. Coem’s Modica reflects both the appearance and the colors of the Sicilian rock. Its extremely delicate texture and pattern make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Coem expands its vision and changes the perspective by enriching the project with two new and unusual interpretations of the material: the first one is “softened” to suit more refined and minimalist environmentsThe first one, indoors and outdoors, while the second one, indoors and outdoors adopts a more “stone” appearance to more faithfully capture the original atmosphere of traditional architecture indoors and outdoors in Modica.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with Coem Ceramiche’s stone-effect porcelain stoneware Lagos collection.

This collection has its roots in naturally occurring limestone in a variety of colors, ranging from light gray to a more intense and uniform gray.

Lagos stone-effect porcelain stoneware comes in natural and earthy shades that are true to the original material, offering a wide range of patterns and sizes. The surface is lightly marked by visible veins that give it an authentic and sophisticated appearance.

What makes the Lagos collection exceptional is its minimalist and contemporary look, which allows for the creation of various combinations with other materials such as wood or satin metal, conveying an overall sense of style and sophistication.

This Coem Ceramiche collection becomes a versatile choice for those seeking an aesthetic that balances the warmth of nature with a touch of modern elegance.

At Gomila Cerámica, we are committed to helping you achieve your design aspirations, and these collections are among our favorites and most requested by our customers because of their exceptional craftsmanship and ability to elevate any space.

If you need help and guidance in your choice, do not hesitate to write, call or visit us to help you choose the perfect materials to bring your designs to life.