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At Gomila Cerámica, our passion for excellence drives us to collaborate with the best porcelain tile manufacturers in the world.

One of our featured suppliers is Ceramiche Keope, an Italian company that embodies the essence of Made in Italy. We chose to work with Ceramiche Keope because of their commitment to quality, beauty and sustainability in all aspects of their production.

Ceramiche Keope specializes in the creation of porcelain stoneware tiles for floor and wall coverings, both indoors and outdoors. What we admire most about this company is its focus on seamless continuity, ensuring that its products blend harmoniously into the surrounding architecture and landscape. Each Ceramiche Keope collection is the result of the passion for their work and their constant desire to offer quality and beauty to those who choose their products.

At Gomila Ceramica we share the fundamental values that guide the work of Ceramiche Keope: attention to detail, social responsibility, respect for the environment and people.

This unites us as defenders of the exclusivity of Made in Italy worldwide. We believe in transparent production and support Confindustria’s code of ethics.

In addition, Ceramiche Keope has received awards and certifications that reinforce its commitment to sustainability. They were the first ceramic company in the world and in Europe to obtain the prestigious ISO 14064 standard after a rigorous eco-sustainability protection program. This demonstrates its leadership in the industry in terms of environmental responsibility.

We are pleased to present two of our favorite collections from Ceramiche Keope.

Ikon is the porcelain stoneware collection that masterfully imitates the aesthetics of cement .

With a selection of neutral tones such as Grey, Beige, Silver and White, Ikon offers an urban proposal for modern spaces.

Inspired by urban style, this line reinterprets cement in porcelain stoneware, combining versatility and excellent technical characteristics. The maxi format of 120×278 cm and 6 mm thickness is a perfect solution for covering floors and walls in a uniform way, meeting the needs of architects and designers looking for a distinctive and contemporary look.

The Elements Design collection of porcelain stoneware imitates the aesthetics of resin and is inspired by the great international metropolises .

The Elements Design series, with its matte surface, is an example of minimalist and contemporary style. The five new pastel colors, known as the Paint series, add a soft touch and perfectly complement the palette of other collections that mimic marble, stone, wood and cement.

These Ceramiche Keope collections have become our favorites because of their ability to combine design and performance.

We are here to help you find the perfect choice for your project and bring beauty and ethics to your spaces.

Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and discover how these exceptional porcelain stoneware collections can enhance your design projects.

Write to us, call us at 971 732 343 or visit our facilities so we can advise you and accompany you in your choice.