The best designs in outdoor furniture

With the arrival of the good weather, the terrace becomes the most used area of the home, so it is very important that it is perfectly prepared and decorated so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.Therefore, it is very important that it is perfectly prepared and decorated so that you can enjoy it to the maximum.

The first thing to do is to make sure you choose the right flooring, and for this we recommend you the terraces made with MDi by Inalco

In this article we will talk about the main trends in outdoor furniture so you can prepare your terrace and enjoy it this summer.

Braided furniture

The braided outdoor furniture for the terrace are a trend that never goes out of fashion. Each season, the design of these elements is reinvented and adapted to the new times, but the truth is that it is always a winning bet.

They adapt perfectly to any environment, besides being very comfortable and aesthetic. comfortable and aesthetic. So, if you are thinking about what type of furniture to choose for your terrace, you should know that with braided furniture, you will succeed without a doubt.

woman sitting in front of the sea on a braided design chair

Wood and natural fibers

The rise of these outdoor materials is nothing new. Lo organic has been in fashion for a long time and we can’t resist to put some furniture of these characteristics in our garden.

The natural fibers are a
must have
that brings naturalness, warmth, elegance and freshness to our exteriors. In addition, you can not only include this material in the furniture, but it can also be part of the decoration: as a carpet, for example.

Wooden furniture is also a growing trend, combining the purity of natural materials with the most exclusive designs. The
MDi iTOP collections
collections are ideal for cladding this type of furniture, as their timeless designs blend in perfectly with the wood.

terrace furniture in an idyllic landscape

Decoration in earth tones

As in interior spaces, for terrace decoration, textiles in earthy colors, such as off-white, sand or stone tones, can be earthy colors, such as off-white, sand or stone tones, are back in fashion this summer.are back in fashion this summer.

A very good option to get the most out of these elements, is to combine accessories in earth tones, with others with reddish and orange brushstrokes. reddish and orange brushstrokes.. A very flattering contrast that will cause great pleasure during the summer months.


Cushions, vases, carpets, lamps, etc…… All these complements will make the difference between a well cared for outdoor environment and one whose design is not so well thought out.

The shades for these elements will range from earth or whitethrough a chromatic range starring the colors of the colors of nature. Greens, browns, blues… As you will see, there are endless possibilities to design your terrace, you just have to decide which style you like the most.

Finally, the key to choosing the perfect furniture and decor for your terrace will be to carefully select the materials.

The surfaces
surfaces are perfect for the design of any outdoor furniture, given their very high technical and aesthetic performance.


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