Icon, WOW’s customizable latticework

The perfect fusion of contemporary design and timeless elegance.


In the world of interior design, it is essential to have elements that stand out and add personality to spaces. The
Icon collection by WOW Cerámica
collection is just that: a selection of floor and wall tiles that will make a difference in any project.

ICON is much more than a simple ceramic piece; it is a symbol of minimalism created by and for architecture.

With its geometry and symbolic charge, this collection has been created to be the central element in architectural projects.

The versatility of the Icon collection is another of its outstanding features. Thanks to the variety of formats and sizes available, these products adapt to different areas and design styles.

Whether you are working on a residential, commercial or hospitality project, the Icon collection offers solutions for every need.

With the versatility that characterizes it, given by its modular structure, the aim of these pieces is to become a true symbol in contemporary architecture, offering a pure and iconic aesthetic.

Its minimalist and lightweight design is characterized by the absence of decorations, allowing its shape and structure to speak for themselves.

In addition, ICON offers the possibility to customize it according to your color preferences, giving you the freedom to adapt it to your aesthetic vision.

Installation of the Icon collection pieces is simple and efficient, streamlining the construction or renovation process.

In addition, its easy maintenance makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic spaces such as hotels, restaurants and offices.

WOW Cerámica
stands out not only for its commitment to excellence in design and quality, but also for its focus on sustainability.

The Icon collection is made with environmentally friendly materials and eco-friendly production processes, creating beautiful spaces without compromising the planet.


If you are looking to take your interior design projects to the next level, WOW Ceramics’ Icon collection is the perfect choice.

With their contemporary design and timeless elegance, these floor and wall tiles will add a touch of distinction and style to any space.

ICON’s lattice pieces are available in two formats: 10x20x7 cm and 6x20x7 cm.

These dimensions provide flexibility in design, allowing the creation of unique and customized compositions that adapt to the needs of each project.


WOW Cerámica’s ICON collection strikes a perfect balance between a cold, rigid reminiscence and an incomparable personality.

Being decontextualized, this ceramic acquires a unique presence that adds character and style to any architectural space.


If you are looking for a ceramic piece that represents the essence of minimalism and contemporary architecture, you cannot overlook the ICON collection by WOW Cerámica.

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Let minimalism and customization define your style with ICON!


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