Inalco Revolution. Tradition and simplicity.

Reinterpreting the traditional with Dukhan


If you are looking for the distinction in the reinterpretation of the classic, Dukhan will be your best ally.

Dukhan Inalco’s Dukhan makes a quantum leap in innovation by breaking new ground in the field of MDi digital textures. MDi digital textures. .

This series reinterprets and improves the traditional natural stone (porphyry), in it you will find aesthetic similarities but with an exceptional texture and technical conditions. texture and exceptional technical conditions..

An unparalleled collection, for lovers of the particular and the true uniqueness of materials. Its impacting visual appeal, together with its soft and natural feel are the perfect combination to fall in love.

Dukhan is distinguished by its purity, its unique design and the great aesthetic value it confers to any space. It is a collection designed to unify indoor and outdoor spaces, and that look for the true differentiation, with unique and attention-grabbing pieces of furniture, with creative kitchen countertops and for designers who are looking to freedom and versatility in their creations.

Atalaia, a collection that revolutionizes simplicity


Atalaia is inspired by white sand beaches, which evoke tranquility, calmness… It is a series brimming with personality due to its subtle veins and its materiality.

A collection that revolutionizes simplicity with a homogeneous tone full of light, which gives character and is enhanced by its directionality and exquisite structure of micro textures, thus intertwining relief and graphic detail.

Its softness is ideal to dress up any space, while its softness brings purity, simplicity and elegance. A series capable of captivating by sight and captivating by touch.

It has a timeless design and aesthetics timeless designperfect for creating tranquil interiors and exteriors that invite calm and disconnection. It is ideal as a canvas for any room, its tonality is complementary with almost any other element, which makes it a very versatile. You can even turn this surface into decorative elements.

Brazza, synonymous with purity and distinction.


Brazza, one of our new collections, it raises the standards of sophistication thanks to its subtle black streaks that stand out superbly from the creamy background of the surface. A surface that is synonymous with purity and distinction conceived to surpass the capabilities of nature itself.

This collection is designed to make spaces dressed with it look elegant. It is ideal for a style minimalist and modern, for spaces that want to enhance the beauty of the subtle and with neutral colors.

As for its texture and relief, the finish Digital Texture gives it anexceptional naturalness , very smooth proportions to the touch and with precise details that will not fail to surprise you.

Brazza manages to elegantly redefine the home experience, its delicate hue perfectly harmonizes the space, drawing attention to its design.

It is a very versatile series versatiledesigned to be the perfect complement to a table, the center of attention in a bathroom wall covering, or even a work of art in the living room.

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