Trends in natural materials with MDi

To speak of Inalco is to speak of exclusivity, innovation, elegance and emotion. MDi surfaces (minerals, design and innovation) are a revolution for the world of architecture and interior design.

Its great ceramic tradition and its business philosophy based on ethics, innovation, quality, service and sustainability, places them at the forefront of the market and as a reference for great designers and architects who know they can rely on them.

MDi‘s research, development and innovation plays with natural materials, creating collections that adapt to the desires of each designer, architect and client.

In addition to its commitment to innovation, Inalco continually demonstrates its commitment to the environment by pursuing sustainable development consistent with its principles. Recycling, reusing and reducing consumption to prevent its impact on the environment.

Through this new 2022 collection, MDi by Inalco connects even more with nature, recreating with its new proposals the strength and uniqueness of natural elements and environments.

Atalaia, inspired by white sandy beaches


The simplicity of this collection with a homogeneous tone full of light, gives character and is enhanced by its directionality and micro-textured structure.

Its shade is ideal for dressing any space, while its softness brings purity, simplicity and elegance.

Lyra, with a lot of personality


This collection is pure form and composition.

The MDi decoration takes another step in the evolution as Lyra is provided with an excellent Digital Texture finish, which gives it a unique effect capable of creating spaces with character and personality.

Brazza, worked to overcome its own nature


It represents purity, a collection refined and worked to embellish its entirety and make the spaces dressed with it look distinguished.

Its cream tone makes its dark veins stand out without clashing and the Digital Texture finish gives it an excellent texture.

Dukhan, feel the nature


With Dukhan, we are taking another great leap forward in MDi’s innovation. Again in the use of digital texturing, Inalco manages to find the similarity and enhance the natural stone itself achieving a unique texture.

Dukhan offers an unparalleled, customized surface that creates the sensation of purity to the touch and natural feel.

Terra, perfect fusion between tradition and avant-garde


Terra is the perfect fusion between traditional clay and new MDi technologies.

Its surface fuses a smooth relief with a silky texture, obtaining an excellent and unique materiality and naturalness of the product.

Silk Lines, the perfect complement


The Silk collection includes a new and innovative vertical line finish, made possible thanks to Digital Texture, with which Inalco obtains total control of the surface.

A perfect collection to give authenticity and elegance to any space, as well as being anideal complementto integrate into the furniture and combine the Natural and Bush-hammered Silk finishes. Natural and bush-hammered Silk finishes. .

Now you know the creative and innovative process that has placed Inalco as a reference in the ceramic world for architecture and interior design. The new trends that Inalco MDi brings us every season continue to innovate.

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