WOW’s terracotta inspired by nature

The Roots collection by WOW is a celebration of the authentic and timeless. It is an invitation to return to our roots, to appreciate the beauty of the natural, to experience the texture of the earth and to embrace imperfection.

With Roots, terracotta is not just a material, but a design language that speaks of integrity, authenticity and a different way of thinking.

The beauty of nature


Roots is a unique product with unlimited uses.

It offers a natural and authentic aesthetic that can be adapted to a wide range of spaces and styles.

Whether it’s a modern urban loft, a rustic country home or an elegant boutique hotel, pieces from the Roots collection can enhance the inherent beauty of any space.

Given its innovative dual finish with a soft touch and extraordinary slip resistance slip resistanceit can be used indoors and outdoors. indoors and outdoors.

This collection, together with the already known WOW, are provided with unique finishes and colors, which offer a wide range of possibilities. a wide range of possibilities.

WOW Cerámica is a recognized brand in the world of floor and wall tiles, known for its innovation and quality. Its products offer a number of outstanding benefits that make them attractive to architects and interior designers.


WOW Cerámica is distinguished by its unique and avant-garde designs. Its collections feature a wide variety of styles, patterns and colors, allowing architecture and interior design professionals to find the perfect option for each project.


The brand is characterized by the high quality of its products. Its floor and wall coverings are manufactured with first-class materials and state-of-the-art technology, which guarantees exceptional durability and an impeccable finish.


WOW Cerámica is at the forefront of innovation in the sector. Its products incorporate technological advances such as special finishes, slip resistance and efficient installation systems, providing practical and functional solutions for different applications.


WOW Cerámica’s floor and wall tiles are highly versatile. Its wide range of formats, sizes and textures allows its application in a variety of spaces, from residential to commercial, adapting to different styles and aesthetic needs.


Thanks to their resistance and technical properties, WOW Ceramica products are easy to maintain. They are highly durable, require no special treatments and are resistant to stains, scratches and chemicals, making them a practical, low-maintenance choice.


And another no less important detail, WOW Cerámica has a strong commitment to sustainability. Its products are manufactured with environmentally friendly processes, using recyclable materials and technologies that minimize environmental impact.

Want to know more?

These are just some of the benefits that WOW Cerámica offers.

If you are looking for high quality products, innovative design and versatility for your projects, don’t hesitate to explore WOW collections. explore WOW’s collections collections and discover how they can enrich your spaces with their aesthetics and functionality.

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