What color will my pool water look like?

This is a very common question and doubt among our customers and it is normal to want to know what color the pool water will look like depending on the liner we use.

Therefore, in this article we want to tell you everything you need to know to choose the siding that best suits your needs and those of your home.

Do you already know what color you want for your pool?

If not, read on and find out which pool liner will achieve the desired effect, as well as the advantages of each choice.


Why is water blue?


As you know, water is colorless and has no taste or smell, but to the naked eye it looks blue, do you know why?

Basically this effect is the result of wavelengths. Short wavelengths refer to cool colors such as blue and violet, while long wavelengths refer to warm colors such as red, yellow and orange.

Water does not absorb the short waves (the blues) so these waves bounce off the surface and in doing so we pick them up visually, thus giving this tone to the water.

This effect increases with the amount of water. In very deep pools we observe a darker blue color.

In addition to depth, light and environment directly affect the final water tone.

If the pool is located in a space that receives a lot of sunlight, the color will be lighter and if it receives hardly any light, the water will appear darker.

Pool decking designed by Rosa Gres

With the above factors in mind, here are our favorite Rosa Gres pool liners and how their materials create totally unique designs.

Gray pool floors

Mistery blue Stone

White pool floors

The whites are perfect for achieving pools with sky blue water tones. This shade of blue will give your pool luminosity, serenity and relaxation in the purest Caribbean style.

Ocher and sandy pool floors

Ocher and sand colors bring a fresh feeling to your pool. They are perfect for outdoor pools.

Earth-colored and brownish pool floors

If you love the natural and the fusion with nature, these shades are perfect to get the authentic feeling of beauty and summer breeze of the Mediterranean.

Dark and black pool floors

If what you like is the sea water effect in dark blue tones, the black mosaic and the mosaic of very dark tones are the solution. In addition, it will add a touch of sophistication and design to your pool.

It is also important to mention that the use of dark colors for the pool shell will help to keep the water temperature more stable and warmer.

It’s your turn!

Now you know how to choose the perfect pool glass shade for your pool.

At Gomila we work with the high quality materials of Rosa Gres and we are at your disposal to help you give life to the pool of your dreams.

If you want to try combining different colors and materials, play at creating your own pool thanks to the application that Rosa Gres has designed for you.

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