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At Gomila Cerámica, we are proud to count Ritmonio as one of our outstanding suppliers.

Ritmonio is a company that is distinguished by its two divisions: the Factory divisionwhich has been engaged in the production of safety valves, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and copper components for more than 70 years, and the Bath & Shower divisionspecialized in the planning and production of faucets and accessories for the bathroom area.

Its combination of craftsmanship, aesthetic research and specific technological skills results in exclusive products, totally and genuinely “Made in Italy”, capable of satisfying a wide variety of functional needs and caring for the environment.

The DIAMETRO35 S collection is synonymous with intelligence, simplicity and surprise. This evolving classic offers purity and linearity in each of its elements. Balanced proportions and intelligent design meet the most demanding and creative aesthetic demands.

At Gomila Cerámica, we believe that this collection embodies the essence of elegance and functionality. It is perfect for those seeking an aesthetic balance in their bathroom designs.

The DIAMETRO35 IMPRONTE collection is characterized by its ability to give freedom of expression to a wide range of styles.

The four exclusive “Impronte” (Prisma, Tratto, Rigo, Punto) give shape to a versatile collection that can interpret and enrich various styles with unique details. This allows for a high level of customization in bathroom designs, making it a favorite choice at Gomila Cerámica.

DIAMETRO35 CROSS is an aesthetic combination of rare beauty. It represents an encounter between past forms and modern, linear geometries.

These different souls come together to create an aesthetically perfect contemporary language. In our opinion, this collection is an impressive example of how design can fuse elements of the past with a modern vision.

DIAMETRO35 ELEGANCE achieves an exceptional balance between tradition and technology. This timeless luxury and style is incorporated with classically inspired shapes that make this collection stand out in prestigious architectural settings. We consider it an ideal choice for those looking for a touch of classic elegance in their bathroom projects.

The DIAMETRO35 INOX collection offers multiple decorative solutions derived from different expressions related to design in the world of bathroom equipment.

This collection reflects a broad and innovative vision of design. At Gomila Cerámica, we appreciate your innovative spirit and your focus on creativity.

The TAORMINA collection is a refined design that reinterprets classic elements in a contemporary context, with elegant lines. This series is inspired by the Sicilian coastal town of Taormina, known worldwide for its charm and beauty. It is a true expression of “Made in Italy” and an exceptional choice for those seeking refined design.

The ELEMENTA collection offers extreme freedom of configuration, allowing to organize all the spaces in the bathroom with elegance and minimalism.

This wellness space is an invitation to design imagination and customization. It offers a versatile decoration program that adapts to different styles and individual tastes. We consider it an inspiring choice for those who want a unique combination of aesthetic styles in their projects.

At Gomila Cerámica we value creativity, quality and innovation in bathroom design .

Ritmonio’s collections reflect these values and offer our customers a wide range of options to inspire their designs.

If you need more information or advice on how to incorporate Ritmonio products in your projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help you find the inspiration and materials you need for your most demanding design projects.

Write to us, call us at 971 732 343 or visit our facilities so we can advise you and accompany you in your choice.