Wood and laminates

Wood and laminates

Wood and laminates


Skema floors allow for an infinite selection of designs and formats to allow for great customization of each environment. In addition, to enhance the aesthetic qualities of your environment, Skema offers a range of surface finishes that improve the visual and tactile characteristics of each floor. Among our proposals, you will always find an elegant and practical solution with a touch of creativity.


For lovers of wood in its purity. A system that includes easily accessible products and articulated works with natural and performance finishes to compose the “Moods” you want most: contemporary, classic, urban, country.


The VLS joint with which it is equipped, guarantees an optimal sealing, a fast installation, both floating and glued, with a truly innovative application result for the world of wooden floors. The finishes are made with a new technology varnish, with wax effect, which gives an effect of warm depth and material.


It has remarkable dimensional stability and a range of finishes from warm, traditional tones to cooler, younger colors.


It is a 3-layer pre-finished oak wood flooring of Italian origin and finished with a solid oak back layer.

The uniqueness is given by the hand scraping and oxidation that give it a timeless tone and warmth. Finishing with natural oil or natural pigments gives it an authentic, lived-in style.



K-Uno Hydro is the evolution of one of SKEMA’s classic and most popular products: K-Uno. It retains the large size, increasing the thickness (2052x248x10mm) and the surface equipped with synchronized pore, to remain one of the most realistic laminate flooring. Produced with the most modern technologies, it becomes hydro-protected for 24 hours.


Laminate flooring Prestige Lthe most classic of Skema’s laminates, is offered in large format (2052×220 mm) and is now renewed with six new wood-effect decorative patterns in addition to the four existing ones. All the qualities that characterize it remain: antistatic, with a precise TLS PLUS anchorage and maximum watertightness, beveled edges on all 4 sides and natural aesthetics thanks to synchronized pore technology.


The Prestige also evolves and becomes Hydro, is protected for 24 hours from stagnant water and changes its width (220 mm) as well as its thickness of 10 mm. It has an advanced TLS-PLUS anchoring system and AC5 surface resistance, factors that make it one of the most technically advanced products in the SKEMA range.