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In Gomila Cerámica, we are proud to have Tres Grifería as one of our trusted suppliers.

Tres Grifería is a company with a long history of dedication to the manufacture of designer faucets for bathrooms and kitchens. Their focus on design and user experience is what sets them apart, and this is reflected in their exceptional faucet collections.

Tres Grifería was founded in 1968 as a family business with the mission to manufacture and market bathroom and kitchen faucets, as well as other solutions for the responsible use of water. With a presence throughout the European market, Tres Grifería has stood out for its commitment to quality and sustainability.

Its central factory in Vallirana, Barcelona, and its subsidiary in Łódź, Poland, produce more than 3,000 different models of faucets to meet the needs of users.

The constant improvement of the facilities, in-house manufacturing and the technology applied to the product have positioned Tres as one of the Spanish brands best prepared to offer quality and service at all stages, from the conception of a product to its use in bathrooms and kitchens.

The Study collection of Tres Grifería is an example of minimalist and harmonious design. Their cylindrical and slender bodies seek timeless balance, offering a simple yet extravagant look. Metallic finishes add a striking touch to this collection.

At Gomila Cerámica, we believe that the Study collection by Tres Grifería is an excellent choice for those who are looking for faucets that combine elegance and functionality.

The Loft collection of Tres Grifería is a versatile series that perfectly balances flat and rounded surfaces. This extensive collection has been designed to suit a variety of needs and decorating styles. It is a wise choice for those looking for versatile, high quality faucets.

At Gomila Cerámica, we highly recommend the Tres Grifería collections to architects and interior designers who are looking for exceptional design faucets for their projects.

The durability, sustainability and aesthetics of these collections are some of the reasons why we consider them to be some of our favorites.

We are here to help you bring your design ideas to reality.

Write to us, call us at 971 732 343 or visit our facilities so that we can advise you and accompany you in your choice.